Tradiții românești – final de proiect Winterbook

26 feb.

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The second part of our project entitled “Romanian Traditions” has just ended and the third part, about spring, is about to begin. Today we have taken lots of pictures while working and singing: you can see here how much we liked what we did! And now we are enjoying the fruits of our effort! Join us, please!
 Our teams have decorated beautiful carpets and unique plates made of paper with little colourful flowers and stars or happy birds! There is a lot to be seen, so take your time to gradually discover our project. It is worth it! Everything is handmade and our young but skilled artists have also brought in the classroom some valuable Romanian pottery! They are beautiful models to inspire us in the future!
The lines and the sparkling colours of these drawings
 “Red, blue,
Just for you
Go up, Go down
Like streets in a town!”
Now we are happy to share the results with you, parents, friends and epals! We are looking forward to your impressions!

A doua parte a proiectului Tradiții românești  a fost finalizat.

Vom începe de săptămâna viitoare să ne bucurăm împreună de primăvara care va ajunge cu siguranță și în România.



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