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Ultimul miniproiect limba engleză

Our Summer Project consists of beautiful embroidered peasants blouses for the boys and girls in our class. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of work to do because our little blouses are made of paper!
The results are simply astonishing and they show the beauty of our Romanian traditions. The custom of embroidering blouses can be found in our villages: young, unmarried girls, their mothers and even grandmothers embroider the blouses made of cotton, floss silk or linen. They use different colours depending on the geographical area: for instance, the embroidered peasants blouses from Buzau have wonderful vertical patterns in red and black on the sleeves, neck and chest. They tell us a story about the Romanian round dance and the community life. These embroidered blouses are still worn on special occasions in the villagers’ life, such as the Romanian round dance, or at the sermon on Sundays.
Because school ends on the 23st of June we have decided to celebrate “Ziua Iilor”/”The Day of The Embroidered Peasants Blouses” earlier. We also hope to transfer later (maybe in autumn) a few models/parts of the patterns on our T-shirts and make them more traditional or simply show some creativity within our tradition.
Join us, dear e-plas!

Pe 24 iunie este sărbătoare iilor.

Pentru că atunci vom fi în vacanță, doamna profesoară Colt a prezentat copiilor modele de ii. O expoziție demnă de toată stima și aprecierea privitorilor.

Mulțumim familiilor care s-au implicat în reușita ultimului curs despre tradițiile românești.

Ca temă de vacanță, profesorul vă propune să vă inspirați din modelele prezentate și să le așezați ( prin cusătură, vopsea textilă, etc) pe un tricou alb + prezentarea zonei rurale, sursa de inspirație.SUCCES!

Poate reușim să avem o nouă uniformă, chiar șic ( în opinia mea)

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Dear e-pals,
Do you remember how we started our project? What about these lines:
Spring is here!
We are happy in the sun,
We play and have fun!
However, spring has almost ended and we are now ready to show you what we have done lately.
We have sung and we have said poems in an atmosphere of joy specific to the spring season. Some of us painted red eggs and we also drew nice pictures about Easter. You can see them above!
We also celebrated Easter together: with sponge cakes, sweets and lots of red eggs! Our dear e-pals, you’re invited to look at our pictures and little films. Tell us your impressions soon!
Easter rabbit, Easter eggs,
It’s Easter and we are together!
Red eggs, yellow eggs, green eggs,
Lots of beautiful eggs!
We are now preparing for the upcoming event: our summer project. We hope that you will be supportive and we will share the results of our work. Actually, it’s not just work: we work and have fun together!
Filip, Stefan, Bianca, Victor, Ana, Clara, Iarina, Toma, Ilona, Luca, Miranda, Alexia, Daria, Livius, Iuliu, Eliza, Alexia-Maria, Eduard, Mara, Matei, Briana, Michael- Alexander, Anisia, Mihai, Brandusa, Cezar, Ingrid, Rares, Radu- George, Radu-Gabriel
and their teachers Monica and Cezarina

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Final de proiect

Azi Brândușa a primit primele aplauze și felicitări din partea d-nei profesor Colt

Martea viitoare, reluăm finalul, pentru toți cei interesati.

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